In 1640, when coffee was first introduced into Italy from the Arabic world, various schools of thoughts began to develop in the main capitals of a yet to be unified Italy. The different origins of the coffee beans and ways of toasting the fine blends create subtle nuances in the "aroma" of a good, creamy espresso. Nuances you will find in the choice of coffee pods available for our machines. Choose your favourite from:

  • Classica, a rich flavour blend based on traditional recipes
  • Classica Double for the Big Bar Duetto
  • Arabica, a blend to please the more exigent tastes
  • Pod, packed in shining silver containing 100% organically grown coffee.
  • Dek, a gentler decaffeinated choice, if you can't say no to just one more coffee.

Each carton contains:

  • 100 coffee pods
  • 100 plastic cups
  • 100 sugar sachets
  • 100 plastic stirrers

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Please send me a carton of Classica pods.
Please send me a carton of Classica Double pods for the Big Bar Duetto.
Please send me a carton of Arabica pods.
Please send me a carton of organic Pod pods.

Please send me a carton of Dek (decaffeinated) pods.

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